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Removing Black Spots From Indian Sandstone, Yorkstone and Artificial Stone Patios

At HPS we strive to 'be the best' when it comes to cleaning and restoring your patio to it's former glory. This is why we have spent over a year studying these black spots looking for the safest and best way to remove them.

These black spots are a certain form of algae that grow into your patio, as opposed to growing on top of it and so are notoriously difficult to remove. These black spots are a bit like moss in that, the more of them there are, the faster they grow and spread. They can grow on all sorts of paving but the worst offender by far is Indian Sandstone. Indian Sandstone in particular is extremely vulnerable to black spots and needs regular treatment to keep them away.

So, what can be done about them? As you may well already know, simply using a jet wash on these spots won't do the trick. Even if you have an industrial strength machine like we do. In fact, turning the machine up to full power and blasting the spots at point blank range is the last thing you want to do as this can often damage the surface.

The best way to remove these spots is by chemical application. When I say chemicals I don't mean patio cleaner from your local DIY shop as this wont even touch them. At HPS we have spent an extraordinary amount of time developing very specific chemicals that can completely eliminate black spots from a patio without causing any damage to the paving or surrounding areas i.e. flower beds and lawns etc. This really will allow us to leave your patio looking like it's brand new.

Types of Patio that black spots can be removed from are:

  • Indian Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Yorkstone
  • Concrete Flagstone
  • Block Paving
  • Brick Walls

The last picture you can see on the right hand side of the screen is a picture of the chemicals in action removing the black spots from a Yorkstone patio. The chemicals themselves are completely colourless, the white that you can see is all the living organisms and bacteria within the stone being killed off. This process will usually take about half an hour to an hour to take full effect before they need going over with a pressure washer to finish the job off. This will thoroughly cleanse the stone removing all lichens and black spots, even the ones that are too small to see with the naked eye.

Great care is always taken when cleaning around flower beds, swimming pools, rabbit hutches etc using low pressure at all times and keeping all chemicals contained.

Once the work is complete we can apply sealants to the patio too if required. Sealants will waterproof the surface helping to fend off the black spots for a longer period of time.

We really will leave your patio looking as though it has just been laid, please see our Gallery page for some before and after photographs of some previous jobs we have completed.

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